Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Economist on Mexico's last Election

It is fairly straight to conclude that the following three years -before elections for President- will be the hardest of the Calderon administration. The Economist sum-up a clear picture of it.

The liberal magazine also displays the only way out of the "political gridlock", stating that co-governance with the PRI party is a necessary condition, with the implicit hope that the PRI will allow for critical reforms and thus would receive a country in expansion. If you are interested in estimated numbers of the low chamber composition, Eduardo's Blog provide some from the media.

The Economist's view of Mexico it's almost fully accurate, it only fails to mention the low proportion of total votes with respect to registered citizens, and all nule votes.

With the Congress majority leaned to the PRI party, much of economist's creativity should be invested in the next fiscal reform. VAT in food and medicines will not be an option.

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