Friday, September 24, 2010

Danny Quah's Blog

I have to recommend -in the strongest way there is- Danny's blog. In particular this post about how Economics is a Martial Art. Danny Quah has been a sort of seal of quality in the MSc Economics at LSE in at least 10 years. He is not every other economist as he has been referenced in one of the most difficult text books one can find in the profession. Check the references in Hamilton's Time Series and you'll know what I'm trying to get across.

Danny is a world class economist, not because Tom Sargent was his PhD advisor, but because he can understand, comunicate and teach the most difficult topic, just as if he were talking about apples and oranges. I was lucky enough to be his student in both Macroeconomics and Time Series. I can only say that the amount, clarity and quality of the material presented is outstanding.

Moreover, while listening his lecture one can be able to grasp more than a few things, however, after doing some reading and serious studing of the material and listen the lecture recorded again, you can feel that you actually learned a lot, and I mean a lot. If any one knows about VAR and Error correction Form Time Series, probably will find it hard to believe that Danny taught those topics in less than two hours. By following the methodology I described above, he did it with outstanding quality and intuition. No, I'm not kidding, he can squizze intuition out of the VAR and Error Correction Form topics.

Finally I must say that I used to fear the Time Series analysis. Now I find it exciting.